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This is the show to encourage you to live your life to the fullest and do fun work that fuels your lifestyle.
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Jun 22, 2022

It took me a long time to distill into four little words the philosophy that I like to live by. It’s more than an entrepreneurial experience. It’s more than working from anywhere.

It’s live full work fun. Those four simple words have helped guide my decisions on a path that, earlier in my life, I never dreamed would be possible.

My hope for you by listening would be having those same four short and simple words help guide your decisions to explore and experience life in a way you may have never thought possible. And that’s why I’m particularly excited about having Dan Miller as a guest on today’s show.

Dan Miller is the President of 48 Days LLC. He specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits, and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living.

What does it mean to be fully alive in your work? Dan looks at the changing work models and outlines a plan for integrating your dreams and your passions into your daily activities. If you’ve ever buried your dreams in an attempt to be “practical” or “realistic,” Dan will show you how embracing those very dreams is the most practical way to enjoy life and achieve the success you’re looking for.


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