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Jan 26, 2022

Last week, my guest Paul Klein shared his green light journey in launching his new streaming channel, BizableTV.

During our recording of the episode, we went down a little rabbit hole that I ended up cutting out of last week's show.

I'm always curious about new tools, resources, or services to better understand how they work and different business models. Whether or not I use the tool or resource personally, I'm fascinated with the workings of it all and am amazed and inspired how people come up with new ways to help people solve a problem and build their business.

After re-listening to the scrap audio clip, I changed my mind about sharing it because I thought you would find it helpful. You’ll hear how I was struggling to wrap my head around how it was all done. I tried comparing the service that Paul used to launch BizableTV to my Scrivener Solutions business model. I was admittedly way off base with the comparison.

Listen to take a peek behind the scenes of how a service like Uscreen works in making BizableTV a reality.

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