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Dec 22, 2021

Books can have a tremendous impact on us personally and professionally. That’s why in most of my interview episodes I ask my guest what book or resource has made the most impact on them. You can find many of the books mentioned in past episodes by going to the resource section of my website.

In today’s episode, I share the book that, by implementing its lessons, I attribute to a major turning point in operating Scrivener Solutions.

I discovered Gino Wickman’s book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business early in 2021. In this episode, I share how I was at a crossroads in my decision in implementing practices outlined in the book. I was faced with the possibility of key staff members leaving. Should I invest the time, energy, and money into having them learn Traction with me to grow the business just to have them leave?

The way the book is outlined is a great guidebook to, if practiced consistently, truly makes a difference in the growth of any company at any size. I’ve recommended it to clients and I’m recommending it to you.

Listen and you’ll gain perspective of how I swallowed my fear of losing valued staff and decided to make the investment to begin the process of implementing Wickman's EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). I turned a corner of how I lead my team, my team has turned a corner in how they interact with each other, and together the company has turned a corner for big things to happen in 2022.


Drop me a note and share your biggest takeaway from the episode.

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