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Jul 28, 2021

Daniela Liscio is a writer, business consultant, corporate lawyer, and creator of How Not To Get Screwed By Your Lawyer, the workshop designed to help business people better manage the relationship with their lawyer to save themselves money and stress.

Daniela spent 12 years as a corporate lawyer both in her hometown of Toronto, Canada and in New York City working on mergers and acquisitions, financings, private equity investments and corporate reorganizations. In 2013 she left New York City for the Ozark Mountains to be with her guy Dan whom she met coming down from the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. She started her consulting business to help small businesses better strategize for long term success through online courses, fun copywriting, and more effective sales strategy. In addition to her consulting work, Daniela is in the process of writing her first book called How Not To Get Screwed By Your Lawyer.

Daniela and I first met through an online course and we happened to join the same online mastermind. I was utterly floored to learn that she is living in a tiny town just about an hour away from where I’m currently calling home. What a small world!

Daniela is not only an ex-lawyer who teaches non-lawyers how not to get screwed by their lawyer, but she's also an adventurer and I love following her and learning from her.


I’m honored to introduce her to you. Enjoy the interview and learn from her perspective and experience as she left the big-city corporate world to create her own work from anywhere business in a tiny community in southwest Missouri.

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