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Dec 11, 2019

Nowadays, it's inevitable that you'll be working with digital files. If you want to be able to work from anywhere, picking up your huge filing cabinets and hauling them everywhere you go is simply not feasible. Or, you may not have room in your house for all the files and cabinets you should keep for your business.

It's easy for you to feel scattered and out of control when it comes to digital files. After all, you’re working with many devices (phone, laptop, tablet) and have a lot of pieces of data (documents, spreadsheets, images) that you must keep track of.

I find it extremely interesting to know how someone else organizes their files and how they use certain tools. Just hearing how others organize sparks ideas for me to improve my processes.

In today’s podcast, I share my method of filing my digital files. By me sharing how my mind works in organizing and backing up my files, my hope is you get ideas to help in your digital file organization.

You most likely aren't working with as many files as I contend with. Starting a process for how you’ll organize your digital files early in your business is a good idea. You'll not only be able to find your documents faster, when the time comes to build your team, you'll be able to share pertinent files more easily.  

In the episode, I share examples of some of my file structure. The images below are a visual of what I was talking about.

Sample Team Folder
Sample Team Folder


Sample Marketing Folder
Sample Marketing Folder with Podcast Folder Expanded


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