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Jun 8, 2022

Doing what you love can turn into a fulfilling career. Today’s guest to the Live Full Work Fun Podcast loved being a musician in his young life. But when it came time to make a career decision right out of high school, being from the Midwest, he was convinced it wasn’t likely that he could make a living as a performing artist.

Paul Siebert chose a career in as a manufacturing engineer. After marriage and 3 children, he still couldn’t shake the feeling that music was his passion. When his youngest daughter was in high school, he took the leap to make a huge career shift to follow his musical passion.

He started his solo touring full time in 2004 with the release of his first solo album “Echoes of an Era”, accompanied by the re-release of an earlier album “Reason to Play” where Paul had been the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band by the same name. Also promoting a wedding music CD, a Christmas CD, and a live version of the “Echoes” album.

His interests had changed over the years. He was now a fully acoustic solo show using up to as many as 8 different acoustic instruments and as little electrical support as possible, making his live performance his home. His songwriting abilities, musicianship and knowledge of pop music of all genres has brought his music into the lives and homes of the broadest audiences of any regional performer the Midwest has ever known.

In this episode, Paul shares his ups and downs when it comes to building a business of live performances. Even through a time where live events were shut down, Paul perseveres and shapes his business to stay true to himself, his values, and the lifestyle he’s created for himself.

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