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This is the show to encourage you to live your life to the fullest and do fun work that fuels your lifestyle.
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Apr 20, 2022

There are times that you meet someone and simply being in the same room with them just energizes and inspires you. That’s the case with today’s guest.

Recognized as a courageous and passionate communicator, Molly Grisham's work is rooted in experiential learning and designed to inspire and set people in motion. Molly is passionate about building teams, developing leaders, creating custom workshops, and utilizing personality assessments for personal growth and professional development.

Molly brings the experience of 20 years of athletic coaching, an entrepreneurial spirit of a successful business builder, communication skills of an author and storyteller, and 10+ years as an adjunct communication professor to every client engagement. She has helped athletes reach and exceed personal goals, teams become more productive, leaders achieve new heights, and companies be more competitive in their markets through highly experiential programs.

Molly has developed her facilitation skills by participating in trainings hosted by Training

for Change, The Center for Courage and Renewal, The Circle Center, and the Experiential Training Institute at OnSite. Additionally, she has completed training as a Civil & Family Mediator, she’s a Level 1 Certified Experiential Specialist with the International Society for Experiential Professionals, a member of the International Association of Facilitation, and a Certified Myers-Briggs facilitator.

Even though you can’t see her, you can certainly hear and feel her energy and her love of what she does to fuel her full life.

In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • What the tipping point was in making the decision of leaving her 20-year career as an educator and coach.
  • What experiential learning is and how she helps teams come together.
  • How what she’s learned in athletics leadership translates into corporate team building.
  • How she had to completely reinvent her young business during the pandemic.

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