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Nov 17, 2021

I love to learn about other people just like you and me who are making their lifestyle business work. We have the chance to learn about their journey and what they do that jazzes them to keep building their own lifestyle business.

Today, you’re in for a special treat because you’ll be meeting Lora Newman.

Lora is the founder and CEO of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, the world’s premier equine assisted leadership coaching and training organization, referred to as “Tony Robbins with horses”, Lora and her team combine knowledge and expertise in business training, mental health, animal behavior, and business coaching to provide dynamic programs for both individuals and corporate teams that are designed to deliver rapid results.

Lora partners with horses, tapping into their wisdom and honest feedback, to show leaders where they need to strengthen strategy and communication dynamics for greater results. Her work helps her clients breakthrough barriers, increase thinking performance and confidently make decisions that pull them forward resulting in leading teams with ease, increased revenue and freedom. Her work catalyzes authentic leadership, which brings body, mind, and spirit into alignment with business operations, marketing, and team.

When not coaching, you’ll find Lora riding her favorite cow horse down the trail of the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri.

I learned so much in our conversation and I know you’ll enjoy it too. She has created her lifestyle to include the love and respect she has for horses and helping leaders break barriers that's holding them back in life and business.


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