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Nov 10, 2021

This episode was recorded as I was traveling and experiencing first-hand the realities of working from anywhere.

What sparked the episode topic was a friend of mine is so excited to be getting a little RV and asked me how Robert and I managed to stay connected to the internet when traveling. In fact, over the past several months, many folks have asked us how we stay connected as they look into RV living.

In today’s episode, I thought I'd share my experience and stories of staying connected to the internet and working from anywhere realities. This perspective can be helpful whether you want to venture out and do some RVing or just enjoying more travel.

Robert and I started our travel lifestyle in our 38-foot Alfa SeeYa diesel pusher RV in 2011. Although we don’t travel much in our RV lately (because we travel and camp in much smaller vehicles) we still have quite a bit of experience when it comes to juggling work and travel.

The main thing we’ve learned over the years is that you cannot expect your work schedule and workflow to be exactly the same as it would be if you were at home. You must learn to be flexible and if you absolutely must have internet at a certain time, you must do some planning ahead.

Listen as I share some great tools to use to help boost your internet experience and some stories of impromptu office spaces.


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