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Nov 3, 2021

Sometimes conversations don’t always take the path that was planned. I love when that happens because that’s when you learn even more allowing ideas to flow. That’s what happened today’s guest.

A few weeks ago, I reconnected with Diane Wolf. I met Diane in Franklin TN as we both attended Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy Live event. We sat at the same table and spent a lot of time learning from one another.

Over the four years, we had lost touch and I reached out to reconnect. What I thought would be a little conversation to hear about how she had pivoted her business turned out to be a wealth of information to help alleviate the stresses of life.

Diane Wolf is a psychotherapist and educator in private practice. She is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and works primarily with first responders and front-line professionals who have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. In her role as an educator, she delivers online courses to help people manage stress and anxiety before needing therapy. She provides them with tools and strategies so that they can build resilience and take control of their stress levels before they are out of control.

Diane has been a passionate student of neuroscience for over 40 years and calls herself a 'neuro-nerd'. She holds both an MBA in Knowledge and Learning Management and a master’s degree in Clinic Counselling. She is also a retired university professor, so her unique combination of experience as both educator and therapist provide the ideal foundation for teaching online courses.

Diane has been happily married for 42 years with three grown children and loves to spend her spare time with her grandchildren, who are the sunshine in her life.

I loved how my and Diane's conversation deviated as she shared actionable steps that you and I can take to truly make our lives happier and healthier.


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