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Aug 11, 2021

When it comes to building a business, most people spend years or even decades figuring out how to grow their business AND get the freedom they really want.

That’s why I asked David Robertson, master business coach and marketing strategist to this week’s show. David helps business owners achieve their goals faster, increase their profit by at least 68% per year, and build high-performing teams, so they can free up time for themselves and their family to focus on and do what matters most for their long-term personal and professional success.

David provides high-intensity business coaching and training on the Growthpoint Framework, which is a blueprint for growing & scaling service businesses.

Growing up, David watched his dad build the largest producing insurance agency in two states. From the outside looking in, life was great. The reality was quite different. His dad was overworked, frustrated and burned out. It all came crashing down while he was in high school. His dad closed the business and went to work at a local hardware store. The only explanation he had was he didn’t feel like he was good enough at the business part or managing people. He was tired of missing out on life for a dream that wasn't happening.

David committed himself to understanding why some businesses are wildly successful, while others struggle to break through. He has committed his life to helping business owners get the freedom and profit they want from their business and create complete personal freedom.

In the episode, David shares:

5 Things a Business Must Get Right to Create Growth

  1. Attract Attention
  2. Convert to a Sale
  3. Deliver Results
  4. Steward Resources
  5. Lead Team

A business is like an assembly line. Documenting systems through the idea of apprenticeship.

Apprentice Steps:

  • You do, they watch
  • You do, they help
  • They do, you help
  • They do, you watch

Listening to other people's journey in creating freedom and success in their lives is a fantastic way in knowing we’re not alone when we encounter some bumps along the way. The journey isn’t easy most of the time and hearing how David’s miracle baby brought about a turn around in his business is such a heartwarming story.

Mindset, family, faith, business... all of it is intermingled to create who we are and how we navigate into creating the success and freedom we’re all seeking.


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