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May 26, 2021

An essential part of growing any business is planning AND implementing your marketing strategy. Without marketing, you won't have a sustainable business. You must be able to attract your ideal client and maintain a steady flow of business or cash flow.

Show highlights:

Three reasons why most solopreneurs just starting out have trouble establishing a good marketing plan.

  • Not focused
  • Not consistent
  • Not persistent

A manageable marketing plan to put you on the right foot for building your online platform includes these three steps.

  • Publish a blog every other week.
  • Daily post on ONE social platform.
  • Email your list every other week.

Listen to the episode for details of the plan. This is very doable for any solopreneur no matter how busy you may be.

Once your rhythm has been established, you’re successful at posting consistently, and you a regaining more clarity in your messaging, build on what you’ve started. Don’t be too quick to change and shift. You’re in this for the long-term.

Be focused. Be consistent. Be persistent. It’ll pay off.

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