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May 12, 2021

Podcast production can be likened to the birth and raising of a child. At least that’s how my friend, Dr. Michelle Deering pictures it. Leave it to a mother-daughter relationship specialist to make that type of analogy.

Michelle has often called me her “podcast midwife” guiding her through the birth of her hit podcast, Mother Daughter Connections. It was an honor to give her help when and where she needed it so that she could leap over the hurdles that were before her.

As with the birth of a child, the work doesn’t stop there. You must care for and nurture the little bundle of joy for the child to grow and mature.

The same holds true for podcast production. Launching is just the beginning. Continued work and care must be done for the show to grow and mature. In this episode, I share a clip of a conversation Michelle and I had where she gives her perspective of what it takes to self-produce a podcast.


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