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Dec 30, 2020

High-performance business mentor, podcaster, and author, Paul Higgins to joins me for today’s episode.

I met Paul through LinkedIn. You know how sometimes you’ll get these weird connection requests and then when you accept them, you seem to get spammed with hard core sales messaging? It makes you a little leery in accepting connections out of the blue.

Paul reached out to me through an email and also asked for a LinkedIn connection. I was intrigued because they were messages like none other. His message was personal and relevant. Not canned. Not salesy. His interest was to broaden his network in a genuine manner.

I soon started following Paul and getting to know him through his podcast. I feel like I’ve gotten to know him without even meeting him. I was super excited when he agreed to be a guest on my show.

Paul helps service-based business owners struggling to strike a balance between life and work adopt a hands-off management approach and improve profits to fund their lifestyles.

To aid other service-based business owners like himself who have come to the conclusion that having a business so reliant on them is just not going to work, Paul developed a mentoring program — Build  Live Give — that helps such business owners take control and implement an end-to-end sales and operations system that can easily generate profits.


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