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Dec 2, 2020

Many people are intimidated and frustrated by trying to bring their personal brand to life through social media, live events, and public relations. If that’s you, then you’re really going to love this episode.

I’ve asked Lauren V. Davisto the show as she shares her experience in growing not only her brick and mortar business but also her online marketing business, Lauren Davis Creative.

Lauren lives near Chicago and works with people over the world to overcome their personal branding discontent and grow their presence so that they can focus on sales, exposure, leadership and community impact through her marketing consultancy Lauren Davis Creative and her podcast, the Real Personal Branding Podcast.

Lauren has been named as one of the "20 People You Should Know," a "Person to Watch," and a "Face of Tourism," in the Midwest, as well as being recognized as an "Up-Next Future Leader" by Gatehouse Media (Rockford Register Star.)

Lauren has received US Senate recognition for her passionate dedication to helping businesses succeed and her expert social media advice has been featured in articles by Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, as well as over a dozen podcast episodes including Build Your Network with Travis Chappell (Top 25 Business Category Podcast) and Brand You Podcast with Mike Kim (#1 Personal Branding Category Podcast on iTunes.)

When she is not running her two businesses in Rockford Illinois, (the other––a brick & mortar vinyl record store) she is traveling the globe learning and networking at conferences and workshops to better serve her clients with that knowledge.


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