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Jun 24, 2020

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the pressure of creating consistent content and struggle to get it all done?

All the online influencers are content producing machines! They are everywhere and doing everything! Video, podcasting, blogs, and on every social platform imaginable. 

First of all, stop comparing yourself to those big online influencers. They've worked up to where they are today and have teams of people.

Stop comparing yourself to them and feeling like your efforts are falling short.

Where are you at right now in your business? Is it just you? Are you doing everything and haven't built your team yet?

Well...give yourself some grace. You don't have to be in all places and do all things.

Let go a bit and commit to doing one thing, one strategy to lay the groundwork and gain confidence in your content creation quest.

You do need to be consistent, but you don't have to do all and be everywhere. If you aren't consistent with one content publishing strategy first and get into the habit of it, then you don't have much of a foundation to grow on.

In this podcast episode, I outline a super simple strategy that will get you on the right track in strengthening your platform's foundation.


Don’t be fooled about how simple this strategy is. Don’t discount the fact that since it’s so simple that it’s not effective.

It IS effective!

…especially if you continually struggle in consistently publishing your content.

Listen to this week’s podcast and learn the super simple strategy to start a solid foundation of consistent content.


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