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Jun 17, 2020

Merrill Stewart is the CEO of Marketing & Business Solutions and brings her experience in marketing and communications for both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Merrill’s experience includes over 10 years in non-profit fundraising and support including roles as Director of Development for a 120-year-old child-and family-centered non-profit in Tampa, raising $2 million in support each year in addition to the implementation of annual fundraising initiatives, social media strategy, fundraising strategy planning, marketing, communications, grant writing, major gift solicitation, community and volunteer support. 

In today’s episode we discuss Merrill’s journey as she discovered that a physical therapy career wasn’t for her and how she made a bold move in landing her first intern job that set in motion her marketing and consulting career. Learn how she was told that she chose the wrong double major, and how that made her even more determined to achieve her goals.

See why Merrill turns away countless corporate jobs in lieu of staying on her entrepreneurial path.

Best quote from the episode:

“You cannot be both efficient and successful with your feet on both sides of the door.”

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