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Jun 15, 2020

Last week, I promised a BIG announcement. I was brimming with excitement as I wanted to unveil this news at the same time our new website was published. 

But alas, a technical snafu happened to the website, delaying the upgrade.

That's OK! I didn't want a little snag with tech stop me from telling you this big news! 

You know me and my Scrivener Solutions team as virtual assistants. No more. As of today, we are no longer virtual assistants.

Scrivener Solutions is a Content Marketing Agency. We serve coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs implementing their content marketing plan.

Why the change?

Sure, we still work virtually. But our company has evolved over the last eight years. We went from doing general administrative duties to focusing exclusively on content marketing.

Keeping the term "virtual assistant" caused confusion. 

Scrivener Solutions has never been a staffing agency, however, many thought we were. The company isn't a VA matchmaking service. Instead, Scrivener Solutions was set up to be our client's back office so they didn't have to manage many individuals. 

Over time, our clients became to depend on us to develop systems to get their work done. They were not only saving time and headache in managing every detail of staffing many individuals, but they also save time by tapping into our experience and systems.

Still...I clung to the word "virtual assistant." In this episode, I'll clue you in as to why I clung onto the past so hard and why I finally let go and describe our new direction.

It starts with a whole new look. Here's our new logo! A radical change from the past.

The gears represent pieces in a content marketing system (i.e. social, website, landing pages, webinars, podcasts, etc). Each piece needs to work together for a smooth-running system.

A brand and a company aren't just about a logo. You'll notice other changes in our messaging to be more aligned with how we serve our clients. We're all about developing and implementing content marketing systems. 

From our social profiles to our website, you'll be seeing the transition over the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a note at