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Jun 3, 2020

To really accomplish more, it's important to plan ahead and then implement your plan to create a routine.

When it comes to content marketing, planning your messages and then scheduling them into the future certainly leverages your time. When you batch common tasks, for example, devote the planning and scheduling of your social media posts to a short block of time, once a week, you're free to do your many other tasks during the rest of the week.

Planning and scheduling are good, however, you always need to be aware and alert to current events and be nimble in adapting your messages should you need to. In recent months and weeks, some major events have happened in our country and our communities.

To go forward with your scheduled messages, whether it be on social, in emails, landing pages, sales copy...and not be sensitive to what's going on with major events, may not be the right thing for you or your brand.