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Jan 22, 2020

When you start and grow your personal brand...doesn't that mean you do everything?

After all, it's personal, you need to have your hands in everything and know how to do everything, right? may think so. But growing your personal brand isn't any different when it comes to recognizing the importance of seeing your brand as a business. Like any small business, you need to create systems and processes in order to incorporate efficiencies and set you up to scale.

When you listen to this week’s episode, you’ll see how I fell into the “it’s my personal brand, I better do everything” trap. Hear how I was shaken out of this mindset after a conversation with Brandy from my team.

For all practical purposes, when you first begin your personal brand or even any small service-based business, you aren't in the position of hiring anyone. You turn to Google to search what you need to do. There's nothing wrong with that. Everything you need to know to start and grow your online business is out there for free with a Google search. 

You can start out that way. But to leverage your time, you will begin to save up and invest in training and coaching to accelerate your learning curve.

You begin to invest in seminars and conferences to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, to learn from each other, and to be inspired and motivated to keep going.

You invest to hire your first virtual assistant to help you fill in the gaps of doing the tasks that are repetitive so you stay focused on your message and your followers and clients.

I think it's important to learn enough about systems or the tech tools out there and available to help you be more efficient. By learning the basics of at a minimum their capabilities and most likely going through the motions of using the tool, like MailChimp, WordPress, or ClickFunnels, you can better plan, strategize, and delegate.

You should be in control over what strategies you want to implement and how you want your brand to be represented. If you're lost as what to do, that's ok to get help.

Coaching and online courses are a great investment to accelerate your progress and understanding of the particular struggles you’re having. It is up to you to implement what you’ve learned and had the dedication to follow-through with the investment of time and money involved. Without follow through of implementation, nothing changes. 


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