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Dec 18, 2019

Interview with Alex Haimann, Business Development | Less Annoying CRM 

When I first started my virtual assistant business, Scrivener Solutions, about seven years ago, I knew right out of the gate that I needed a good customer database.

I delayed in selecting a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for two reasons.

First, when I started out, I didn’t have very many contacts or customers to keep track of, so I used manual systems. During this time, I searched and tried out different systems.

Second, to be completely transparent, as a small business owner and, at the time a solopreneur, most decent systems were way out of my non-existent budget. The CRMs that I could afford were so clunky and poorly designed that I hated using them.

Then one day, while consulting with a client, I was introduced to Less Annoying CRM. As I looked around at his account to help him with a project, I immediately knew that I needed to create my own Less Annoying CRM account. I signed up for the free trial, moved into the system, and never looked back.

I’ve mentioned Less Annoying CRM in past episodes and it’s no secret that I genuinely love the product. Their mission is simple. “Help small businesses succeed.”

While the product is a simple, robust, and affordable solution for managing contacts, keeping up with follow-up task, and tracking leads, the best part of the system is the LACRM team.

Everyone behind the software genuinely cares and are there to help you with your success. That’s why I asked Alex Haimann, Business Development Officer at Less Annoying CRM to join me on today’s show.

In my conversation with Alex, you’ll learn what a CRM is and what impact it has on growing a small business. More importantly, you’ll also gain much insight and perspective as Alex shares his experience and knowledge in business building…one small business to another.

Alex reveals what resource that really impacted his way of thinking. He’s giving away something extra special to the first 10 listeners of this week’s episode. You’ll have to listen to take him up on his free gift.



Resources Mentioned: