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Dec 4, 2019

Many of my clients who I help with creating their content strategy are overwhelmed by the very thought of creating so much content. 

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed when it comes to content. As mentioned in my last post, start with choosing to either write articles, record podcasts, or produce videos. Choose one type.

Then select a publishing schedule. If you’re just getting started and find a weekly schedule intimidating, start with monthly and work your way up.

You may not have experience in writing articles, recording podcasts, or uploading videos. In the beginning, no one really does. Over time, you gain experience, you will become comfortable and faster with the process, and you’ll gain clarity in your messages.

The longer you publish, you’ll build your library of content. You'll be able to repurpose your content in many ways in the future.

The cool thing is you can begin repurposing right away.

Today's episode is short and sweet. I share how you can systemize one message into creating several pieces of content and spread your message in different places.

Creating your content calendar doesn’t have to be intimidating. Repurposing your main piece of content allows you to multiply your efforts.


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