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Nov 29, 2017

Working with a team has its challenges, but when it comes to your team being remote, there are special challenges.

We’ve had our struggles with some of our clients getting started and getting into a good groove.

In today's episode, we talk about the key things you should know when working with a virtual team. Actually, most of the things we go over apply to anyone you may add to your team whether they are remote or not. 


Episode Highlights:

Have a plan

Without a plan, you waste time and money. Sure it would be nice to hire someone, snap your fingers, then everything is in place and everything is running smoothly. The reality is it doesn't happen that way. Careful planning is needed on your part for a successful relationship with any new team member. 


Remember, VAs are people

When you don't see someone on a regular basis, you aren't as "connected" to them. Without finding ways to consistently talking with your virtual assistant, you may lose sight who they are as a person and aren't using their talents to the fullest. 


Communication is key

Regular communication holds both you and your VA accountable. You are able to address questions and talk about plans and projects. There are many tools that help streamline communication with a virtual team.


Training is necessary

Even hiring someone with a great deal of experience will require some training. You have a uniqueness in your company and you are creating your company culture, so training and feedback should be expected in order to produce the outcomes you desire.

Resources mentioned:


Once you have things in place, don’t take advantage of how much your team has taken on. Even the little things add up to big-time savings for you. The small stuff matters!

It’s a big step to reach out and ask for help. When you seek help in your business, there’s a lot to consider. Being well informed before making a decision is important.

We invite you to download our free book called 5 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Virtual Assistant. We hope it helps you with your journey in accomplishing more and growing your business.